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Facility management



Solutions for office and administration buildings

People who use modern office buildings need to communicate, organise and move around. All of that means placing high demands on the functionality and flexibility of a building’s electrotechnical infrastructure. OBO solutions form the basis for that. They conduct electricity, route data, control energy – and they provide safety in places where lots of people meet and work every day.

Flexible solutions
From lighting all the way to communications equipment, work processes in the administrative field are closely bound up with electrical engineering. OBO systems provide the supply equipment which that entails. They carry electricity and data through the floors, ceilings and walls, from the foyer to the workplace. Complex interior architecture benefits especially well from the flexibility of our systems, since they can be adapted perfectly to every type of task and room. At the same time, surge protection, lightning protection and fire protection systems provide maximum safety in every scenario.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: Compact round complete units

To the point

Whether it’s for a laptop or an info terminal, in some areas of a building it is sufficient to have just one supply outlet. The OBO GESRM2 family supplies electricity and data exactly where it is needed, either as an individual outlet or as part of a complex underfloor system.

Round the houses
OBO complete units made from solid metal are equipped with a Schuko socket, to which data connections can be added, if required. Their round covers come in a choice of platings – chrome, nickel, brass and copper – and can be integrated with precision into floor coverings of different colours. Closed, they can be wet-cleaned.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: Compact square complete units

Beauty, squared

Made from high-grade materials, GE2 service outlets can be integrated wherever small, discreet supply solutions are required. These square inserts are available with a cable outlet, a combination of cable outlet and floor covering recess, or a tube body – and all of that in pure stainless steel. There could not be a more stylish way to bring electricity and data into an upmarket building.

Hidden talent
The UDHome service outlet makes installed power and data connections almost invisible. Once installed, all you can see is a metal edge and cable outlet made from solid stainless steel or brass. Inside the two sizes of unit (UDHome4 and UDHome9) there is enough space for complex supply solutions.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: Service outlets made from plastic and metal

Ideal for dry floor cleaning

No cable spaghetti and nothing to trip over: OBO service outlets made from plastic are suitable for flooring that is dry-cleaned, such as carpets, laminated floors and floorboards. These flexible products can be combined with flushfloor and screed-covered underfloor systems, and can be used in raised and cavity floors.

Diverse colours and shapes
OBO service outlets are available round or square, each in three sizes. With colours ranging from beige to brown to charcoal, they suit every type of floor covering. The plastic units are designed for various different kinds of power and data connections. There is also sufficient space for integrating surge protection.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: Height-adjustable round and square cassettes

Hidden treasure

Height-adjustable cassettes are often used in natural stone flooring and tiled floors, where strength and durability are essential. OBO cassettes feature high-quality materials and solid thicknesses. Stainless steel and brass don’t just look good – they also make for lasting quality even when hidden away.

Lightweights and heavy loads
This family of cassettes includes round and square ones in different sizes. They are designed for heavy loads and are the ideal solution for areas with lots of traffic. There are versions with cable outlets as well as versions with tube bodies in the range. All of these cassettes include space for power and data connections, and for integrated surge protection.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: OKB trunking system with brush bar

Our OKB trunking system with brush bar allows you to supply rooms almost invisibly with electricity and data, making it predestined for use in upmarket private rooms, offices and exhibition areas. Once installed, all that is visible is a brush bar which looks similar to a shadow gap. One of the strengths of this system is its flexibility, from the planning phase all the way to later use. The OKB system can be perfectly adapted to all kinds of rooms. Its inlet channel makes it easy to connect up, and the punch-out openings to the pipe inlets allow the system to be combined anywhere with our complete solutions, such as when you want to supply a desk standing on its own in the middle of a room.

Solutions for supplying from the floor: Service poles

Put it where you want it
Whether slim, or larger to accommodate outlets on both sides, OBO service poles look good in any office. The short versions provide an interesting alternative for uses such as raised and cavity floors. They can be fitted anywhere near to workstations, providing quick access to power and data.

Wide choice
With versions in sheet steel and aluminium and a range of different profiles, there is plenty to keep designers busy. The poles can be equipped with standard devices or Modul 45 installed devices, depending on type.

Solutions for wall installation: Aluminium device installation trunking

Flexible and economical
Bothersome cables are a thing of the past when you supply offices with power and data via device installation trunking along the wall. Fitted at a convenient height, this trunking provides quick access to sockets and data outlets. OBO device installation trunking boasts a wide range of components, ease of combination and intelligent details.

Good-looking materials
In anodised aluminium, OBO device installation trunking looks great in any workplace. Different dimensions and fittings provide plenty of options when planning.

Solutions for wall installation: GAD designer device installation trunking

Perfect in form and function
Plugs, adaptors, data cables and network cables – none of them can be seen from the outside. GAD designer device installation trunking is OBO’s top-of-the-range device installation product. All it reveals is a classy, solid aluminium fascia. Anything that might disturb its minimalist appearance disappears behind the pivoting trunking covering, which is available in three shapes.

LED light strip
An optional LED light strip can be fitted to the underside of the trunking system. It provides subtle lighting of the walls and the area below the trunking.

Device installation
OBO kept this trunking system particularly compact by incorporating 45 mm system openings for the direct installation of Modul 45 switching and plugging devices. Cables and wiring are bundled together and fed out of the trunking system wherever required through an adaptor in the upper section.

GAD designer trunking combines perfect design and outstanding finishes with a high degree of functionality when fitting and using. This makes it the ideal system for hotel receptions, checkout areas in boutique store, and in upmarket offices.

Solutions for wall installation: Sheet steel trunking

Tough customer
OBO sheet steel device installation trunking shows it strength on any wall. It is suitable for Modul 45 installed devices and standard devices. There are many colour choices available: aside from white, cream and pale grey, numerous RAL colours are available on request.

Complex system Single or dual trunking, symmetric or asymmetric, OBO offers a powerful system of solutions with numerous features, including vent coverings. Sheet steel device installation trunking comes in a choice of two depths – 70 or 90 mm – and in the heights 110, 130, 170 and 210 mm.

Solutions for wall installation: Plastic device installation trunking

Practical and economical
Classic in the office: plastic installation trunking is the ideal choice for wall installations. Fitted at a convenient height, it provides quick and flexible access to power and data. Universal fittings and sensibly matching accessories facilitate quick and clean fitting.

Maximum design flexibility
OBO plastic trunking for wall installations is 70 mm deep and 110, 130 or 170 mm high. It can be equipped with Modul 45 or standard devices, and can be integrated into any kind of interior in its standard colours of white, cream, pale grey or stone.

Solutions for supplying from the ceiling: Service poles

Completely flexible
Service poles from OBO are among the technical and visual highlights of our office power-supply systems. These slimline aluminium or steel poles can be supplied with electricity and data via consolidation points inside false ceilings, and can be positioned anywhere. They are ideal for temporary workstations and for getting rooms up and running quickly. Fitted using clamping devices or bases.

Desktop outlet: Deskboxes

DBK Deskbox
Ideal for conference rooms, this Deskbox is a hidden gem. A range of different versions allows you to equip your room just the way you want it.

DB Deskbox: Power to your desktop
High-grade materials, slimline designs and a range of installation options: the second generation of OBO Deskboxes is ideally sized, both in its standard and special versions. The Deskbox can positioned anywhere on your work surface.

DBV Deskbox
This retracting Deskbox provides electricity and data inconspicuously. Closed, it looks smooth and discreet, flush with the top of the table. But inside there’s plenty going on, and it can be configured in many different ways.

Solutions for old buildings: OBO systems and experience

Protecting old structures
The technical renovation of old buildings demands particular sensitivity, especially if the buildings are listed. OBO solutions meet modern usage criteria. With today’s technology, you can help to protect the structure and dignified appearance of historical buildings.

Practical assistance
OBO’s specialists have gathered experience in numerous old building renovation projects. They can assist architects with comprehensive advice coupled with the right technical systems for renovation and upgrading.

OBO systems provide a building with its arteries

Integrated systems
OBO Cable Management encompasses a large number of different systems all aimed at guiding electricity and data from the entrance into the building all the way to the places where they are used - without interruption. A range of finishes and materials go to make up a complete portfolio for practically every kind of use. Furthermore, OBO is always producing innovative new solutions as new technical needs arise.

When every minute counts: Solutions for fire protection

Protecting and preserving
There are three fire protection aims that have to be fulfilled in buildings where many people congregate daily: limiting the spread of fire, securing escape and rescue routes, and maintaining electrical function. OBO systems help make sure that these aims are met in buildings throughout the world.

Insulation systems
OBO fire protection systems allow holes in walls and ceilings to be closed off securely, thus helping to ensure that fire does not spread to neighbouring parts of a building.

Escape route systems
OBO offers a comprehensive range of tested systems that help keep escape and rescue routes usable. They include fire protection ducts, grouped supports, pressure clips, cable trays and much more besides.

Safety first:
Solutions for external lightning protection and surge protection

The millisecond with lasting consequences
If it strikes a building, lightning can endanger people and property. Furthermore, electrical equipment is often damaged by electrical surges. These surges can be caused by nearby lightning discharges, and by switching activities in medium- and low-voltage networks. The result can be the destruction of electrical equipment and communications installations, and also the loss of data – and this can threaten the very existence of businesses.

Integrated lightning and surge protection from OBO
OBO systems protect people and property reliably. Air termination systems, conductors and earthing systems provide external lightning protection, while equipotential bonding and surge protection equipment protects against the effects of lightning current. Only if all these components are installed is genuine protection afforded. OBO supplies all of these elements - perfectly matched and from a single source.

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