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We have launched OWL, with a goal to make building security and surveillance products of international standards available to everyone. OWL products are not only cost effective and of superior quality, they also come in an extensive range to fit the requirements of business of all statures. Beyond this, we make your households your safe haven with our amazing security and surveillance products. Our expertly trained and highly efficient support engineers extend 24/7 support making OWL products the most sought after, in this segment.


CAITS PTZ Wireless IP Camera

The 2 MP, CAITS PTZ wireless camera offers you the freedom to watch your premises from any where in the world on your mobile device. Its compact size and wireless features makes it easy to install and configure and provide good aesthetics. It also has motion detection facility which alerts the authorized personnel in case of theft or any such unfortunate events. It also comes with 2 way audio communication for application specific purposes.

Key Features:

2MP Resolution.

IR mode for night vision.

Supports up to 128 GB TF card.

Easy access and control via mobile application.

Motion detection and alerting facility.

Audio communication.

Easy installation.

Other Security Systems

The OWL Security Alarm, PG-105 is a state-of-the-art security system which provide continuous all-round security for buildings and premises. The built-in LCD screen, touch pad and voice response makes it user friendly and easy to use and install. It is powered with a Lithium Battery and an adapter is provided to keep the battery charged. The device comes with a door sensor, a remote, two RFID remotes, a motion sensor and siren. Each of these sensors perform different functions. Fifty different sensors can be integrated to the device for additional security. The device also has a provision to insert a SIM card upon which the device will send SMS and calls to five mobile numbers when it detects any suspicious activities. These mobile numbers are fed into the system at the time of installing. It also has a tampering alert if anyone tries to induce physical damage to the system. In case of any emergency, the device can be used to create panic alarm and alert everyone. Moreover, the device can be operated with a mobile app which can be downloaded for free. The device comes with WPC, WiFi, GSM and GPRS certifications.

Key Features:

Door sensor detects unauthorized opening of the doors.

Motion sensor detects suspicious movements in sensitive locations.

Siren is to produce an audible alarm signal to alert the officials.

The RFID and the remote is used to arm and disarm the device.


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