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Security & Surveillance

In addition to designing and installing your preferred surveillance equipment tailored in line with your establishment’s privacy policies to secure your facility, Caits also offers its clients Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and Remote Monitoring facilities.


Caught red-handed

The existence of an efficient security monitor system like the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) works like extra pairs of eyes, guarding your assets. With the support of a trusted service provider like Caits Info Solutions and the potential for central or remote monitoring, you can avail your golden opportunity to catch perpetrators red-handed!

Roll the tapes!

The combination of cameras and monitors allow you to keep an eye out on what’s happening in real time for maximum security. You could even access the CCTV footage using your preferred devices. With the help of a recorder, footage can be archived and relooked at if and when the need arises.

Secure entry doors and windows with the help of Electronic Alarm Systems to keep a tab and up your security game. These low-voltage electrical circuit systems consist of sensors on doors or windows which get activated, interrupt the electrical flow and alerts the warning signal to prevent unauthorized access. 

In the digital era, the value of security and surveillance for protecting homes, businesses and assets is a need of the hour. Using state-of-the-art CCTVs and Electronic Alarm Systems can add a much needed layer of security to your establishment. 

Featured Addon Service


Amp up your security systems by maintaining a dedicated centralized storage system from Caits. It’s always recommended to store historical CCTV footage securely and the Caits centralized storage system is a great add-on service to consider. 

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