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Electronic Alarm System

Emergency preparedness contributes to saving lives, time, valuables and resources based on the scenario- and with electronic alarm systems, get the ball rolling ASAP, during any emergency! 

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Whether it is an unauthorized intrusion, a fire or a medical crisis, our state-of-the-art electronic alarm systems identify these using sensors and alert the appropriate authorities to minimize irreversible adverse effects.

Featured Product & Add-on Service


Reach out to Caits to install an intrusion alarm system to monitor and detect unauthorized access to a house or building to offer incremental protection against burglary, vandalism and property damage to keep people, property and possessions safe.

Caits can customize the product for commercial or residential applications based on your requirement.


  • Motion Sensors
  • Door Sensors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Siren
  • RF id

Caits can also assist you with Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and Remote Monitoring following the design and installation of intrusion alarm systems. The experienced field engineers on our team ensure a seamless installation process and the smooth functioning of the security and surveillance systems- around the clock, throughout the year! 

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