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Caits Info Solutions is an end-to-end IT security solution provider that designs, implements and manages innovative protective solutions to protect you and your assets. The company was established in 2013 in Cochin, India and has emerged as a leading technology provider cementing a stellar reputation across India.

Our diverse portfolio offers state-of-the-art telecommunication, electrical and surge protection solutions to safeguard your security (and sanity). We address your security problems and troubleshoot custom solutions.

Ranging from primary security products like Security Alarm and CCTV systems to specialized IT requirements like Biometric access controls, computer, printer and home automation to more premium services like LED video walls, Caits Info solutions can make it happen. Our expertise in custom disruptive and innovative IT solutions resonates widely with clients from the corporate sector. Our diverse portfolio with innovative products and services reels in clients; our premium service delivery and pleasant demeanor from certified professions converts customers into patrons.


Caits Info Solutions designs, implements and seamlessly manages the IT infrastructure of diverse businesses by offering state-of-the-art telecommunication, electrical and surge protection solutions. Established in 2013 at Cochin, India, Caits Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, within a short span of time has become the most trusted and preferred technology partner for many fortune companies in India.

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